Donations to the Library

Donations of books, except for encyclopedias and textbooks, are accepted by the library if they are in good condition. If we decide not to add your book donations to our collection, they will be sold at the annual book sale in January, which is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Please call before you bring your donations because space is limited for storage.

Monetary donations are a wonderful way to give back to the library in the forms of memorials and celebrations. These donations can be restricted, when you designate how you want the money to be used. Examples are books, Ellison dies, building renovation, etc. Unrestricted donations, when the donor does not specify a use for the money, will be utilized under the discretion of the Director.

Donations benefit the library in many ways. Whether it is books or monetary donations, the library will strive to give the community the very best resources and services available.