Lamination Services

Bliss Library has two lamination services available, which our library staff can perform.

Our small lamination machine presses your objects between two sticky rolls of clear plastic--very similar to contact paper. This is perfect for id cards, small pictures, or other items under 9 inches in width.

"Sticky Lamination" Charges: wallet size – 50¢ ; 8 1/2 x 11 – $1.00


Our large lamination machine seals your objects between two pieces of plastic that are rolled through a hot press. It is only available for larger objects, and requires 15-20 minutes to heat up. The maximum width for this machine is 18 inches.

  • Please note that the heat laminator can discolor items. The library staff will do the utmost to safely operate the machine, but the high temperatures can darken different types of paper or may wrinkle lightweight paper.

"Heat Lamination" Charges:  75¢ per foot