Obituary Searches and Local History Links

Obituary Searches

Bliss Library contributes to the RB Hayes Obituary Index, a search-able listing of over 1.5 million obituaries, marriage and death notices from sources throughout the state of Ohio. We are the main library of record for the Bloomville Gazette. The RB Hayes Obituary Index records contain a good deal of information, but full copies of the obituary records can be obtained by mail by contacting the library. 

  1. The charge is $2.50 per obituary (not per person--some people have several obituaries).
  2. Make a list of the name and the citation--newspaper name or abbreviation, date, page, and column.
  3. Mail with a check made out to "Bliss Memorial Public Library" for the necessary amount (number of obituaries multiplied by $2.50).
  4. The Bliss Library staff will mail you the copies of the obituary as soon as they can get to them. The turnaround time will depend on the amount of traffic this web service generates.

If the researcher can visit the Bliss Library in person, the cost of copies is only 10 cents each. 


Local History Resources

Bliss Library is home to a variety of local history resources. We have local cemetery records, Bloomville High School yearbooks, local research projects, records from the 1986 Sesquicentennial Celebration, several histories of the township and the town and much, much more. The local history resources cannot be checked out, but all the items can be photocopied. Regular photocopying charges will apply. A complete listing of all the resources and records is not available at this time, but folks are encouraged to visit and have a good look around for themselves. You never know what you might find!